The Industry’s Most Comprehensive

Email Threat Identification Platform

Rapidly identify active, hidden, and malicious email threats


Trusted by thousands of companies, agencies, and organizations that rely on our data solutions everyday

We Identify 


Fakes, Bots, Seeded Trackers,

Disposable Domains

Sender Reputation Threats

Malicious Moles, Blacklisters 

Spam Traps

Exclusive Partnership with the

world’s Largest Honeypot Purveyor. 

Correct Typos

Catch and correct fat fingered emails 

30+ Other Inbox Delivery

And Conversion Threats 

Hard Bounces, Zombies,

Complainer Threats 

“Best” Emails

Most likely to be primary email

and connected to a mobile device

Stay in the Inbox with Email Hygiene 

Why let your campaign revenue drop because of email data quality issues?

Immediately identify email threats that are negatively impacting your marketing campaigns.

Safeguard your brand and drive higher ROI

on your email campaigns with Email Hygiene.

Remove Fraudulent Emails

Increase Deliverability

Maximize Sender Reputation

Protect your Forms in Real-Time

Increase quality sign-ups in your forms using

the most complete Hygiene and Verification

solution in the industry.

Any Email. Any Time. 

File upload and Super Fast Results

Run your email files through our Multi-Method

Hygiene Solution for a deeper clean of

harmful threats, bounces, and bots. 

Drag. Drop. Done. 

Customizable Your Approach

We offer maximum flexibility to adjust and customize

your approach to email hygiene no matter the data

set or problem you are trying to solve. 

Any Source. Any Email. 

No one does Email Hygiene like us.


Email Hygiene

Identify hidden and malicious threats like spam traps that the email verification process alone can’t identify 


Email Verification

Protect your sender reputation by identifying risky invalid, fake, fat-fingered emails 


Data Appends

Append accurate customer and prospect data for better segmentation and targeting 


Audience Data 

Target individuals, increase ad relevancy and create new revenue streams