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Future of Email: San Diego

By April 24, 2018 Webbula News
Future of Email San Diego

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Webbula is excited to announce that we are attending four Future of Email Conferences this year. Our First event will be next week May 3rd in San Diego. This free event is a great way to hear industry leaders discuss how the industry is regularly evolving with new technologies and strategies. With the constant change in marketing efforts and technology, it is crucial to stay on top of current trends in the email industry while preparing for future strategies. Email is not going anywhere, it is growing every day, marketers still rely on email to reach their customers. So, come sit in on the free conference, and learn from the best of the best in the email industry.

Webbula will be there to help share customer success stories and help you navigate through the sea of harmful email data threats. Whether you’ve heard of email threats or not, it is good to get an understanding on why you do not want a perfectly good email to be sent to Spam Traps, Zombies, Bots, or even Malicious Moles. Wondering what these threats are and how they can hurt your marketing campaign? Then register today, and Webbula will help you identify these threats, using our industry-leading Cloudhygiene technology. It identifies and flags any harmful or incorrect emails that could damage your sender reputation, open-click rates or even your return on investment.

Come meet Webbula’s representative Chuck Davis and other thought leaders in the email industry at the May 3rd event. This event begins at 4 pm at the Don Room at El Cortez in San Diego. Webbula is excited to see you there, where we will share the success stories of our customers, how to identify email threats in your email data and the tools you need to gain an edge on your competition. Learn more about the event and register for free today!